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Enjoy a four CD collection of music from Spain and Mexico. The collection spans hundreds of years, thousands of miles, and the great breadth of The Rose Ensemble’s musical talents.


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Rosas das Rosas: Centuries of dedication and folklore in the chapels and courts of early Italy, Spain and Portugal produced music with rhythms that reverberated across the Mediterranean. In this recording spanning three centuries of vocal and instrumental music, a diverse collection of lyric poetry, dances, Italian spiritual songs, and Galician-Portuguese cantigas de Santa Maria tell of the Virgin’s sometimes-humorous, always-incredible miracles.

The Road to Compostela: Chant and polyphony from the 12th-century manuscript Codex Calixtinus along with new music written specially for The Rose Ensemble by Minnesota composers Victor Zupanc and J. David Moore. Truly some of the most virtuosic medieval vocal music ever written and some of the most beautiful music we’ve commissioned.

Land of Three Faiths: The result of years of intensive research and training, “Land of Three Faiths” offers music that is at once sacred, secular, folk, and classical. Featuring instruments and musical ideas that blur the lines between Arabic and European, this CD provides a fascinating exploration of language, spirituality, and cultural exchange. Steeped in the rich history of the Abrahamic faiths the CD features laments of the Sephardic Jews, Arab-Andalusian dances and Spanish court songs, Hebrew cantillation, and Gregorian chant meet the mystical world of Sufi poetry.

Celebremos el Niño: Early Mexican music resounds in this joyful program featuring over two centuries of festive Christmas dances and villancicos from the great cathedrals of Puebla and Mexico City. Accompanied by lively percussion, viola da gamba and vihuela da mano, solos and choruses burst forth in this holiday recording that’s anything but typical!

Track List

Rosas das Rosas
1. Pues que tu, Reyna del çielo Juan del Encina? (1485-c.1530) 4:44
2. Ay Santa Maria Cancionero Musical de Palacio (15th-16th-cen. Spanish) 1:12
3. Cantiga #252 Cantigas de Santa Maria (13th-14th-cen. Spanish) 5:07
4. Cantiga #353 Cantigas de Santa Maria 3:57
5. Una sañosa porfía Juan del Encina 9:16
6. Memento mei o sacra Virgo Lauda, (Italian, ca. 1500) 2:36
7. Or piangiamo, ché piange Maria Florence Laudario (early 14th-cen. Italian) 5:19
8. O Virginetta bella Lauda, (Italian, ca. 1500)v1:47
9. Digamos Ave Maria Auroros de Murcia, Breviarium Gothicum (1502) 3:52
10. Cantiga #42 Cantigas de Santa Maria 10:08
11. Cantiga #166 Cantigas de Santa Maria 2:03
12. Ave donna sanctissima Florence Laudario 4:01
13. Rex Virginum (Kyrie Trope) Juan de Anchieta (1462 – 1523) 4:25
14. Cantiga #10 Cantigas de Santa Maria 4:01
15. Virgo prudentissima Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599) 3:15
16. Cantiga #129 Cantigas de Santa Maria 4:28

 Total Program Length: 70:15


The Road to Compostela
1. Beata viscera Perotin (ca. 1160-1220) 4:51
2. Jacobus et Johannes Codex Calixtinus (12th century) 3:08
3. Vocavit Jhesus Codex Calixtinus 1:51
4. Gratulantes celebremus Codex Calixtinus 1:22
5. Laudent Deum Victor Zupanc (b.1959) 3:24
6. Congaudeant Catholici Codex Calixtinus 5:34
7. Jocundetur et letetur Codex Calixtinus 3:02
8. Gratulemur et letemur Victor Zupanc 3:53
9. Vox nostra resonet Codex Calixtinus 2:03
10. Dum Pater familias Victor Zupanc 3:24
11. Gratulantes celebremus Victor Zupanc 2:22
12. O lux et decus hyspanie Codex Calixtinus 3:09
13. Annua gaudia Codex Calixtinus 2:38
14. Ad superni regis decus Codex Calixtinus 3:08
15. Jacobum Dei famulem Victor Zupanc 2:58
16. Audi pontus Codex Las Huelgas 2:42
17. O adiutor Codex Calixtinus 5:34
18. Annua gaudia J. David Moore (b.1962) 3:29
19. Rex immense, Pater pie Codex Calixtinus 3:05
20. Exultet celi curia Codex Calixtinus 5:12

Total program length: 66:50  


Land of Three Faiths
1. Porke yorash Traditional Sephardic (Morocco/Turkey) 6:37
2. B’tayhi-M’saddar Traditional Arab-Andalusian (mode: Az’zaidan) 2:04
3. Hoy comamos y bebamos Juan del Encina (1485–c.1530) 3:18
4. Ayyu-hā s-sāqī ‘ilay-ka l-muštakà Hispano-Arabic muwashaha (mode: kurdī) 5:39
5. Arabaya Taş Koydum Traditional Turkish karşilama 5:47
6. Pues que tù, Reyna del çielo Encina 4:34
7. Et Sha’are Ratzón Sephardic piyyut (Libya) 3:07
8. Cives caelestis patriae Plainchant (12th-c. Italian) 3:23
9. Iudea et Ierusalem Anonymous (14th-c. English) 1:47
10. Two simsimiyya songs Traditional Bedouin (arr. The Rose Ensemble) 2:28
11. Kuando el Rey Nimród Traditional Sephardic (Balkan) 3:26

Total Program Length: 42:12


Celebremos el Niño
1. Convidando esta la noche (Juguete y Guaracha a 5) Juan García de Zéspedes (ca. 1619-1678) 4:15
2.  Atención, atención (Villancico a 5 de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe año de 1698) Antonio de Salazar (ca. 1650-1715) 4:15
3. Los que fueren de buen gusto (Xácara a 4 con acompañamiento) Francisco de Vidales (d.1702) 6:30
4. Serenissima una noche (a 4 voces) Fray Gerónimo Gonzáles (fl. 1600) 3:25
5. A siolo flasiquiyo (Negrilla a 4 con acompañamiento y a 6) Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (ca. 1590-1664) 5:49
6. Al dormir el sol (a 2 con acompañamiento) Sebastián Durón (1660-1716) 7:37
7. Tarara tarara qui yo soy Anton (Negro a 2 con acompañamiento) Antonio de Salazar 3:50
8. Hermoso amor (Romance a 4 de Navidad año de 1671) Juan García de Zéspedes 3:29
9. ¡Hombres, victoria, victoria! (a 5 voces) Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599) 2:30
10. Un ciego que contrabajo (a 3 con acompañamiento) Antonio de Salazar 5:08
11. Ay galeguiños (Gallego a 5 con acompañamiento) Fabián Ximeno Perez (ca. 1595-1654) 5:22
12. Deus in adiutorium meum intende (ad Vesperas) Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (ca. 1590-1664) 2:21

Total Program Length: 54:37