Rosa das Rosas (2006)


Cantigas de Santa Maria & Other Spiritual Songs for the Virgin

Centuries of dedication and folklore in the chapels and courts of early Italy, Spain and Portugal produced music with rhythms that reverberated across the Mediterranean. In this recording spanning three centuries of vocal and instrumental music, a diverse collection of lyric poetry, dances, Italian spiritual songs, and Galician-Portuguese cantigas de Santa Maria tell of the Virgin’s sometimes-humorous, always-incredible miracles.

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Track List

1. Pues que tu, Reyna del çielo Juan del Encina? (1485-c.1530) 4:44
2. Ay Santa Maria Cancionero Musical de Palacio (15th-16th-cen. Spanish) 1:12
3. Cantiga #252 Cantigas de Santa Maria (13th-14th-cen. Spanish) 5:07
4. Cantiga #353 Cantigas de Santa Maria 3:57
5. Una sañosa porfía Juan del Encina 9:16
6. Memento mei o sacra Virgo Lauda, (Italian, ca. 1500) 2:36
7. Or piangiamo, ché piange Maria Florence Laudario (early 14th-cen. Italian) 5:19
8. O Virginetta bella Lauda, (Italian, ca. 1500)v1:47
9. Digamos Ave Maria Auroros de Murcia, Breviarium Gothicum (1502) 3:52
10. Cantiga #42 Cantigas de Santa Maria 10:08
11. Cantiga #166 Cantigas de Santa Maria 2:03
12. Ave donna sanctissima Florence Laudario 4:01
13. Rex Virginum (Kyrie Trope) Juan de Anchieta (1462 – 1523) 4:25
14. Cantiga #10 Cantigas de Santa Maria 4:01
15. Virgo prudentissima Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599) 3:15
16. Cantiga #129 Cantigas de Santa Maria 4:28

 Total Program Length: 70:15



“The Rose Ensemble effortlessly pulls the listener from track to track…. Engaging and educational, the rich variety on offer makes this satisfying.”

— Andrew Druckenbrod,, Gramophone, January 2007

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