A Toast to Prohibition (2014)


All-American Songs of Temperance and Temptation

Featuring the songs and stories of 19th-century Temperance Union meetings, old-time gospel, ragtime, Victorian parlor songs, 1920s anti-Prohibition tunes, and one of Irving Berlin’s best show-stoppers, it’s The Rose Ensemble like you’ve never heard before!  40-page booklet contains extensive program notes, historical photos, full-color images, and a link to an exclusive webpage featuring bonus tracks and complete lyrics.

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Track List

1. Close Up the Booze Shop (Brighten the Corner, 1913) Harry Edwards/Charles H. Gabriel 2:44
2. I Like My Bootleg Man (1928) Wilbert Hurdle/Francis Sacca 2:19
3. The Moonshiner’s Dance, Part I (1927) Frank Cloutier 2:30
4. Sign the Pledge for Mother’s Sake (1867) Mary Ann Kidder/Susan McFarland 3:34
5. It Must Be Settled To-Night (1882) Clayton B. Kendall/John J. Hood 3:18
6. That’s a Plenty (1914) Lew Pollack 2:22
7. Under the Anheuser Bush (1903) Andrew B. Sterling/Harry Von Tilzer 2:51
8. Always Vote As You Pray (Sweet By and By, 1868) M. Homer Cummings/Joseph Philbrick Webster 3:16
9. How Are You Going To Wet Your Whistle (1919) Percy Wenrich 1:46
10. Queer People (1903) Charles Millard Fillmore 2:30
11. King Alcohol (King Andrew, 1834) Anonymous 1:49
12. At The Prohibition Ball (1919) Alex Gerber/Abner Silver 2:09
13. The Reformed Blacksmith (1880) John Piper/William ApMadoc 2:48
14. Just To Pay Our Respects To Maguiness (1886) Unknown 3:32
15. Battle Song Of the Y’s (1889) Mary Torrens Lathrap/Lucy Rider Meyer 5:01
16. The Alcoholic Blues (1919) Edward Laska/Albert Von Tilzer 2:18
17. Drink From the Mountain Spring (1847) John William Proudfit/Robert L. Cooke 2:48
18. A Sober Spouse For Me (1844) George Pope Morris/Hery Russell 2:12
19. Brandy and Water (1853) Julien Carle 2:30
20. Bugbey’s Champagne Galop (1870) Hugo L. Yanke 2:19
21. Okay Beer (1932) “The Songwriters On Parade” 1:54
22. Temperance Is Coming (1932) Arthur Fields 3:54
23. Help Just a Little (1885) William A. Spencer/William J. Kirkpatrick 3:22
24. A Toast To Prohibition (1930) Irving Berlin 2:12

Total Program Length: 66:58


“Spirit is what flows throughout the entire set, all of which is sung and played with terrific old-timey verve, authenticity, curiosity, flair, musical chops and vocal expertise, combining for a swagger that celebrates the human condition in all its lubricated and stone-cold sober glory.” — Jim Walsh, MNPost, 21 January 2014

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