Nā Mele Hawai’i (2007): Featured on HBO’s “The White Lotus”


A Rediscovery of Hawaiian Vocal Music

Featured in HBO’s Series The White Lotus

It’s an artistic legacy that looks and sounds nothing like a stereotype. Highlighting Victorian parlor songs, missionary hymns and paniolo (‘cowboy’) tunes, and the imprisonment of the last Hawaiian Queen — Lili‘uokalani, composer of the beloved and timeless “Aloha ‘Oe,” this exploration of Hawaii’s rich cultural history is as revealing and breathtaking as the valleys and gardens of the Islands themselves.

Please note that this CD is no longer available and will not be reprinted.

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Track List

1. Kuʻu Pua i Paoakalani Mele Hawaiʻi —Queen Liliʻuokalani (1838-1917) 2:44
2. Nāmolokama Lā Mele Hawaiʻi 2:53
3. O Wākea noho iā Papahānaumoku Oli, Mele Koʻihonua 1:15
4. No luna e ka halekai no ka maʻalewa Mele Hula ʻĀlaʻapapa 2:41
5. Hoʻokani Misionari Hīmeni —Ka Lira Hawaii (1848) 2:52
6. Pōhaku Kahiko Hīmeni —Ka Lira Hawaii (1844) 1:47
7. Pua Onaona Mele Hawaiʻi —Charles E. King (1874-1950) 3:13
8. Lei Gardenia Mele Hawaiʻi —Charles E. King 2:13
9. Ponomau Hīmeni —Na Himeni Hawaii (1834) 1:44
10. Perine Hīmeni —Ka Lira Hawaii (1848) 4:04
11. Aia la ʻo Pele Mele Hula ʻŌlapa 2:48
12. Kāwika Mele Hula ʻŌlapa 2:28
13. Ula nōweo Mele Hula ʻŌlapa 2:25
14. Luakini Hīmeni —Ka Lira Hawaii (1848) 2:32
15. Kailua Hīmeni —Na Himeni Hawaii (1834) 2:27
16. Kuʻu Leialoha Mele Hawaiʻi —Charles E. King 2:37
17. Nani Wale Līhuʻe Mele Hawaiʻi —Prince Leleiohōkū (1854-1877) 3:00
18. Lutera Hīmeni —Ka Lira Hawaii (1848) 1:27
19. Kaʻahumanu Hīmeni —Ka Lira Hawaii (1844) 3:28
20. Hanalei Hīmeni —Ka Lira Hawaii (1848) 1:31
21. Pua Roselani Mele Hawaiʻi —Charles E. King 2:50
22. Sweet Lei Mamo Mele Hawaiʻi (attributed to Huelani) 4:09
23. Hīmeni Misionari Hīmeni —Ka Lira Hawaii (1844) :54
24. Alanui Maikaʻi / Hope o ka Hīmeni Hīmeni —Na Himeni Hawaii (1834) 1:44
25. Liliʻu e Mele Hula ʻŌlapa 2:34
26. He Mele Lāhui Hawaiʻi Mele Hawaiʻi —Queen Lili`uokalani 2:40
27. Ke Aloha o ka Haku Hīmeni —Queen Liliʻuokalani 2:33
28. Aloha ʻOe Mele Hawaiʻi —Queen Liliʻuokalani 4:23
29. Hawaiʻi Aloha Hīmeni —Lorenzo Lyons (1807-1886) 3:40

Total Program Length: 75:36


A Special Note from the Performers

We would like to express our respect and reverence for the teachers, both musical and academic, who have helped to shape our performance. It is with devotion and humility that we have approached this repertoire, and we are committed to its performance for two reasons:

First, we wish to share with you what we have learned concerning the music and the history of the Hawaiian Islands. It has indeed been an education for all of us. Second, and more importantly, we hope that by our efforts, we may honor the Hawaiian people, whose rich culture and traditions have made this work possible.



“…brings awareness…provides new insight…extended research…committed consultation with Hawaiian teachers…. The Rose Ensemble has enacted a way of investing in indigenous expressive practices that might serve as a model….”

— C. K. Szego, Ethnomusicology, Winter 2011

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