Tickets | The 22/23 Season

Supper & Songs^
25 May 2023
Arlington Haus, Arlington

Supper & Songs
26 May 2023
Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis

^ Please note the change of start time  from 7:30 to 7:00pm for this performance
* Please note the change in venue for concerts marked with an asterisk. 

Ticket Policy: Please note that tickets to our concerts are nontransferable. Tickets are also nonrefundable except in instances when La Grande Bande cancels a performance. LGB will notify each ticket holder of the performance cancellation by email or by phone. You may either elect to receive a full refund or to donate your unused ticket to LGB. In the event of a cancellation, please allow us at least 14 days to complete this process. Tickets purchased for our “Dine Out” events do not include the price of your meal, should you choose to have one. Season ticket packages are eligible for use in each region only and are not transferable to another region. Advance ticket sale price ($10/20) ends at 6:30pm on day of event. At door ticket sale price ($15/25) begins at 6:30pm on day of event. This policy takes effect on 1 June 2021.

Concert dates, venues, and times subject to change. La Grande Bande will provide as much notice for changes as possible. Differences in ticket pricing between the two ticket packages are based upon estimated expenses in each region compared to the other region. In general, expenses tend to be less in Greater Minnesota than in the Twin Cities Metro. Such differences La Grande Bande would experience include lodging expenses, venue rental, and transportation costs.

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