Fire of the Soul (2003)


Choral Virtuosity in 17th-Century Russia & Poland

Dazzling Eastern European polyphony featuring the antiphonal glory of Polish Renaissance composer Mikolaj Zielenski, the strength of the Russian Orthodox Liturgy with 12-part writing from Baroque master Vasily Titov, and our commissioned “hit,” Bogoroditse Devo, raduysia, by Minnesota composer, Sergey Khvoshchinskiy.

Please note that this CD is no longer available and will not be reprinted.

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Track List

Latin Motets by Polish Master Mikołaj Zieleński (ca.1550 – post 1616)

1. Magnificat (a12) 6:51
2. Motetto de Sancto Stanislao (a8) 2:33
3. In festo Omnium Sanctorum (a4) 2:49
4. In solemnitate Corporis Christi (a4) 3:51
5. Deus in adiutorium (a4) 2:47
6. Motetto de Sancto Alberto (a8) 2:34
7. Crucifixus surrexit (a9) Andrzej Rohaczewski (fl. ca. 1620) 3:43

Divine Service from the Russian Orthodox Liturgy (for 12 voices) by Vasily Titov (c.1650-ca.1715)

8. Slava…Yedinorodnïy Sïñe 4:39
9. Heruvímskaya Pesñ 6:59
10. Dostoyno yest’, yako voistinnu 4:56

11. Bogoroditse Devo, raduysia (Commissioned by The Rose Ensemble) Sergey Khvoshchinsky (b 1957) 5:18

Total Program Length: 46:43



“The Rose Ensemble sings this music brilliantly with all the hallmarks in place: an almost supernatural blend of voices, beauty of tone, and rhythmic acuity.  When the programming and singing is as good as this on a self-produced recording, you wonder why some of the more high-profile record labels can’t do as well.”

— Craig Zeichner, Early Music America Magazine, Spring 2004

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