Fire of the Soul (2003)


Choral Virtuosity in 17th-Century Russia & Poland

Dazzling Eastern European polyphony featuring the antiphonal glory of Polish Renaissance composer Mikolaj Zielenski, the strength of the Russian Orthodox Liturgy with 12-part writing from Baroque master Vasily Titov, and our commissioned “hit,” Bogoroditse Devo, raduysia, by Minnesota composer, Sergey Khvoshchinskiy.

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Track List

Latin Motets by Polish Master Mikołaj Zieleński (ca.1550 – post 1616)

1. Magnificat (a12) 6:51
2. Motetto de Sancto Stanislao (a8) 2:33
3. In festo Omnium Sanctorum (a4) 2:49
4. In solemnitate Corporis Christi (a4) 3:51
5. Deus in adiutorium (a4) 2:47
6. Motetto de Sancto Alberto (a8) 2:34
7. Crucifixus surrexit (a9) Andrzej Rohaczewski (fl. ca. 1620) 3:43

Divine Service from the Russian Orthodox Liturgy (for 12 voices) by Vasily Titov (c.1650-ca.1715)

8. Slava…Yedinorodnïy Sïñe 4:39
9. Heruvímskaya Pesñ 6:59
10. Dostoyno yest’, yako voistinnu 4:56

11. Bogoroditse Devo, raduysia (Commissioned by The Rose Ensemble) Sergey Khvoshchinsky (b 1957) 5:18

Total Program Length: 46:43



“The Rose Ensemble sings this music brilliantly with all the hallmarks in place: an almost supernatural blend of voices, beauty of tone, and rhythmic acuity.  When the programming and singing is as good as this on a self-produced recording, you wonder why some of the more high-profile record labels can’t do as well.”

— Craig Zeichner, Early Music America Magazine, Spring 2004

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