Slavic Holiday (2001)


Legends from Ancient Bohemia and Poland

Demonstrating the ensemble’s ability to sing as individual soloists as well as a splendidly blended choir, this disc features beautiful spiritual songs of Hildegard von Bingen, motets from Renaissance Spain by Francisco Guerrero, and various Gregorian chants for the feast of the Assumption and the Holy Mass of the Angels.

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Track List

1. O Beate Stanislae Anon. 13th c. (?) Polish 1:42
2. Beata es virgo Mikolaj Zielenski, b. ca 1611 (Polish) 4:02
3. Nobis est natus hodie Anon., from Codex Speciálník (Prague, 15th c.) 2:45
4. In natali Domini Anon., from Codex Speciálník (Prague, 15th c.) 2:41
5. Beatus Adalbertus Anon. 13th c. (?) Polish 0:43
6. Per merita sancti Adalberti Anon. 13th c. (?) Polish 0:35
7. Alme presul et beate Anon. 14th c. Czech 4:53
8. Poslán jest od Boha andel Anon. 16th c. Czech 1:08
9. Magnificat Jan Sixt z Lerchenfelsu, d.1629 (Polish) 2:46
10. Dies est Laetitiae Anon. 14th c. Czech 0:38
11. Stala se jest vec divná Anon. 15th c. Czech 2:33
12. De Nativitate Domino Anon. 15th c. Czech 1:25
13. Hospodine, Pomiluj Ny Anon. 11th c. Czech (attributed to Saint Vojtech) 0:55
14. Písen o Koncilu Kostnickém Anon., ca. 1415 2:33
15. Primo Tempore Anon. 14th c. Czech 1:35
16. Svatý Václave Anon. 12th c. Czech 2:01
17. Dulce Melos Domaslaus, ca. 13th c. (Czech) 6:59
18. Salve pater optime Anon. 15th c. Czech 2:13
19. Decet huius cunctis horis Jan z Jenstejna, written ca. 1350-1400 (Czech) 4:38

Total Program Length: 47:35



“The timbre of the Rose Ensemble is really lovely.  Their singing is clear and forthright, quite reminiscent of Sequentia.  One can hear it in the exuberant way they attack and drive through phrases.  It really contributes to the rhetoric of the lyrics.”

— Loewen, American Record Guide, September/October 2009

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