Il Poverello (2009)


Medieval & Renaissance Music for St. Francis of Assisi

A delightful collection of over 300 years of vocal and instrumental music highlighting the life and legacy of Saint Francis of Assisi. The result of three years of scholarly research, this recording features a generous helping of medieval Italian instrumental dances (played on bagpipes, rebec, vielle, harp, recorder, pipe, and several percussion instruments), as well as early Italian-language spiritual and processional songs, lush choral motets from the Venetian School, and soaring plainchant written in honor of one history’s most beloved saints.

Please note that this CD is no longer available and will not be reprinted.

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Track List

1. Trotto (instrumental) Anonymous, 14th-century Italian 2:35
2. Sia Laudato San Francesco Cortona laudario (13th-century Italian Ms) 6:36
3. In Paupertatis Predio Anonymous, 13th-century conductus 3:00
4. Ghaetta  (instrumental) Anonymous, 14th-century Italian 4:19
5. Fidelis Servus plainchant, mode VII 1:14
6. Sancte Francisce Propera Padre Costanzo Porta, OFM (1529? – 1601) 2:38
7. Saltarello  (instrumental) Anonymous, 14th-century Italian 3:25
8. Beatus Franciscus Jerónimo de Aliseda (1548 – 1591) 4:16
9. Os Justi plainchant, mode I 3:50
10. Dum Seminudo Corpore Tomaso Graziani, OFM (ca. 1550 – 1634) 1:59
11. Radiante Lumera Magliabechiano laudario (14th-century Italian Ms) 3:42
12. Salve, Sancte Pater Patriae Guillaume Dufay (ca. 1397 – 1474) 1:56
13. Plaudat Frater Padre Costanzo Porta, OFM (1529? – 1601) 7:32
14. Petit Riense (instrumental) Anonymous, 15th-century Ballo Francese 2:03
15. Stabat Mater plainchant, mode II 7:17
16. Ut te per Omnes/Ingens Alumnus Padue Johannes Ciconia (ca. 1370 – 1412) 3:00
17. La Manfredina (instrumental) Anonymous, 14th-century Italian 3:12
18. Voce Mea Padre Costanzo Porta, OFM (1529? – 1601) 2:51
19. Laudar Vollio Cortona laudario (13th-century Italian Ms) 5:19

Total Program Length: 72:25



“…more than just another monotonous succession of monodies…. The singing is dominated by its blending of The Rose Ensemble’s clarity, pure intonation and seamless phrasing within the sheer naturalness of the acoustic space.  For the audiophile, this represents digital art at its highest level….”

— Laurence Vittes, Gramophone, April 2010

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