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North American Bundle


Enjoy festive Christmas music from Baroque Mexico and rousing tunes from Prohibition-era America with the North American Bundle.

Two wonderful CDs filled with great music, Celebremos el Niño and A Toast to Prohibition, are included in this bundle.

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Christmas Delights from the Mexican Baroque

Early Mexican music resounds in this joyful program featuring over two centuries of festive Christmas dances and villancicos from the great cathedrals of Puebla and Mexico City. Accompanied by lively percussion, viola da gamba and vihuela da mano, solos and choruses burst forth in this holiday recording that’s anything but typical!


All-American Songs of Temperance and Temptation

Featuring the songs and stories of 19th-century Temperance Union meetings, old-time gospel, ragtime, Victorian parlor songs, 1920s anti-Prohibition tunes, and one of Irving Berlin’s best show-stoppers, it’s The Rose Ensemble like you’ve never heard before!  40-page booklet contains extensive program notes, historical photos, full-color images, and a link to an exclusive webpage featuring bonus tracks and complete lyrics.

Track List

Celebremos el Niño
1. Convidando esta la noche (Juguete y Guaracha a 5) Juan García de Zéspedes (ca. 1619-1678) 4:15
2.  Atención, atención (Villancico a 5 de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe año de 1698) Antonio de Salazar (ca. 1650-1715) 4:15
3. Los que fueren de buen gusto (Xácara a 4 con acompañamiento) Francisco de Vidales (d.1702) 6:30
4. Serenissima una noche (a 4 voces) Fray Gerónimo Gonzáles (fl. 1600) 3:25
5. A siolo flasiquiyo (Negrilla a 4 con acompañamiento y a 6) Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (ca. 1590-1664) 5:49
6. Al dormir el sol (a 2 con acompañamiento) Sebastián Durón (1660-1716) 7:37
7. Tarara tarara qui yo soy Anton (Negro a 2 con acompañamiento) Antonio de Salazar 3:50
8. Hermoso amor (Romance a 4 de Navidad año de 1671) Juan García de Zéspedes 3:29
9. ¡Hombres, victoria, victoria! (a 5 voces) Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599) 2:30
10. Un ciego que contrabajo (a 3 con acompañamiento) Antonio de Salazar 5:08
11. Ay galeguiños (Gallego a 5 con acompañamiento) Fabián Ximeno Perez (ca. 1595-1654) 5:22
12. Deus in adiutorium meum intende (ad Vesperas) Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (ca. 1590-1664) 2:21

Total Program Length: 54:37

A Toast to Prohibition
1. Close Up the Booze Shop (Brighten the Corner, 1913) Harry Edwards/Charles H. Gabriel 2:44
2. I Like My Bootleg Man (1928) Wilbert Hurdle/Francis Sacca 2:19
3. The Moonshiner’s Dance, Part I (1927) Frank Cloutier 2:30
4. Sign the Pledge for Mother’s Sake (1867) Mary Ann Kidder/Susan McFarland 3:34
5. It Must Be Settled To-Night (1882) Clayton B. Kendall/John J. Hood 3:18
6. That’s a Plenty (1914) Lew Pollack 2:22
7. Under the Anheuser Bush (1903) Andrew B. Sterling/Harry Von Tilzer 2:51
8. Always Vote As You Pray (Sweet By and By, 1868) M. Homer Cummings/Joseph Philbrick Webster 3:16
9. How Are You Going To Wet Your Whistle (1919) Percy Wenrich 1:46
10. Queer People (1903) Charles Millard Fillmore 2:30
11. King Alcohol (King Andrew, 1834) Anonymous 1:49
12. At The Prohibition Ball (1919) Alex Gerber/Abner Silver 2:09
13. The Reformed Blacksmith (1880) John Piper/William ApMadoc 2:48
14. Just To Pay Our Respects To Maguiness (1886) Unknown 3:32
15. Battle Song Of the Y’s (1889) Mary Torrens Lathrap/Lucy Rider Meyer 5:01
16. The Alcoholic Blues (1919) Edward Laska/Albert Von Tilzer 2:18
17. Drink From the Mountain Spring (1847) John William Proudfit/Robert L. Cooke 2:48
18. A Sober Spouse For Me (1844) George Pope Morris/Hery Russell 2:12
19. Brandy and Water (1853) Julien Carle 2:30
20. Bugbey’s Champagne Galop (1870) Hugo L. Yanke 2:19
21. Okay Beer (1932) “The Songwriters On Parade” 1:54
22. Temperance Is Coming (1932) Arthur Fields 3:54
23. Help Just a Little (1885) William A. Spencer/William J. Kirkpatrick 3:22
24. A Toast To Prohibition (1930) Irving Berlin 2:12

Total Program Length: 66:58