The Road to Compostela (2002)


Chant and polyphony from the 12th-century manuscript Codex Calixtinus along with new music written specially for The Rose Ensemble by Minnesota composers Victor Zupanc and J. David Moore. Truly some of the most virtuosic medieval vocal music ever written and some of the most beautiful music we’ve commissioned.

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Track List

1. Beata viscera Perotin (ca. 1160-1220) 4:51
2. Jacobus et Johannes Codex Calixtinus (12th century) 3:08
3. Vocavit Jhesus Codex Calixtinus 1:51
4. Gratulantes celebremus Codex Calixtinus 1:22
5. Laudent Deum Victor Zupanc (b.1959) 3:24
6. Congaudeant Catholici Codex Calixtinus 5:34
7. Jocundetur et letetur Codex Calixtinus 3:02
8. Gratulemur et letemur Victor Zupanc 3:53
9. Vox nostra resonet Codex Calixtinus 2:03
10. Dum Pater familias Victor Zupanc 3:24
11. Gratulantes celebremus Victor Zupanc 2:22
12. O lux et decus hyspanie Codex Calixtinus 3:09
13. Annua gaudia Codex Calixtinus 2:38
14. Ad superni regis decus Codex Calixtinus 3:08
15. Jacobum Dei famulem Victor Zupanc 2:58
16. Audi pontus Codex Las Huelgas 2:42
17. O adiutor Codex Calixtinus 5:34
18. Annua gaudia J. David Moore (b.1962) 3:29
19. Rex immense, Pater pie Codex Calixtinus 3:05
20. Exultet celi curia Codex Calixtinus 5:12

Total program length: 66:50  



“The pieces by [Victor] Zupanc are…quite remarkable, inventive compositions. [His] ‘Gratulantes Celebremus’ could almost pass as an authentic pilgrimage song ‘for the road.’… The eight singers…produce some of the most exquisitely serene, lovely singing; solo voices are carefully integrated into the ensemble…. The serene acoustic of the St. Mary Chapel of the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity (Minnesota) is most pleasurable.”

— Parsons, American Record Guide, September/October 2009


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