Land of Three Faiths (2011)


Voice of Ancient Mediterranean Jews, Christians, & Muslims

Limited Edition Live Recording

The result of years of intensive research and training, “Land of Three Faiths” offers music that is at once sacred, secular, folk, and classical. Featuring instruments and musical ideas that blur the lines between Arabic and European, this CD provides a fascinating exploration of language, spirituality, and cultural exchange. Steeped in the rich history of the Abrahamic faiths the CD features laments of the Sephardic Jews, Arab-Andalusian dances and Spanish court songs, Hebrew cantillation, and Gregorian chant meet the mystical world of Sufi poetry.

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Track List

1. Porke yorash Traditional Sephardic (Morocco/Turkey) 6:37
2. B’tayhi-M’saddar Traditional Arab-Andalusian (mode: Az’zaidan) 2:04
3. Hoy comamos y bebamos Juan del Encina (1485–c.1530) 3:18
4. Ayyu-hā s-sāqī ‘ilay-ka l-muštakà Hispano-Arabic muwashaha (mode: kurdī) 5:39
5. Arabaya Taş Koydum Traditional Turkish karşilama 5:47
6. Pues que tù, Reyna del çielo Encina 4:34
7. Et Sha’are Ratzón Sephardic piyyut (Libya) 3:07
8. Cives caelestis patriae Plainchant (12th-c. Italian) 3:23
9. Iudea et Ierusalem Anonymous (14th-c. English) 1:47
10. Two simsimiyya songs Traditional Bedouin (arr. The Rose Ensemble) 2:28
11. Kuando el Rey Nimród Traditional Sephardic (Balkan) 3:26

Total Program Length: 42:12

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