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Holy Week in France (New Ulm)

A meditative evening experiencing ancient traditions

Celebrated in almost every Christian denomination throughout the world, the Tenebrae Office, so called because of the continuous extinguishing of candles, was one of the most powerful moments of devotion for Christians for centuries.

In this meditative and moving program, we’ll explore the exquisite music used in France in the mid-1600s. With a mixture of instrumental and vocal music, Gregorian chants, and readings from the Liturgy, we will explore what such a service may have been like over 350 years ago.

Pre-concert talk begins at approximately 6:45pm.

Jenny Ubl, soprano
Catherine Sandstedt, soprano
Alyssa Anderson, mezzo-soprano
Theresa Elliott, violin
Miriam Scholz-Carlson, violin
Mary Burke, treble viol & viola da gamba
Julie Elhard, viola da gamba
Maryne Mossey, viola da gamba
Michael Thomas Asmus, harpsichord


Feb 22 2024


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
605 N. State Street, New Ulm, MN 56073