#LiveFromHome a review

It’s been over two months since La Grande Bande launched the #LiveFromHome series. We’ve had so much fun getting everything together!

The summer has flown by, even quicker than I imagined it would. And, as you can tell with the almost two-month gap in my writings, things have been pretty insane.

By June 30 we were half-way through our LFH series. By July 29 (the day this was published) we had only two more videos to post and the series would be coming to an end.

In the midst of all of this was the board’s decision to take our Fall 2020 season to a virtual platform. This ensures that we’ll be able to have programming through the Fall, in case of another spike in coronavirus cases here in Minnesota. We hope that won’t happen, but we wanted to have a concrete plan in place.

For five weeks from August through September we will be rehearsing and recording to prepare for the Season@Home series which starts on September 4 (Aug 28 for all you sustainers!). It is going to be so much work and take so much time to do all of the editing, but it’s completely worth it.

We’re even going to put in some educational programming somehow, too. We’re just not quite sure how that’s going to work. We’ll think of something.

I’m really, really looking forward to being back with everyone after such a long break. Thankfully, Alyssa and Maryne and I were able to record our LFH sessions in person. It’ll be so nice to have everyone together again.

So? Did we achieve the goal I wanted to achieve in my previous blog post? Did we come close? Go above-and-beyond?

Let us know in the comments below!

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