s@H Episode 5: Michel Lambert, Airs de cour

Join us from the comfort of your home as we launch our Fall 2020 “Season At Home” series!

We shared two Airs de cour by Michel Lambert during our Live From Home series sung by Garrett Eucker and Cat Sandstedt. The three Airs de cour for today’s performance come from the same collection published in Paris in 1689. The sung texts are in French, but we’ve included English subtitles for each one. You can download our eProgram by clicking on the icon below.


Michel Lambert, Airs de cour 

I. D’un feu secret je me sens (“With a secret fire”)
II. Celui qu’amour n’a jamais (“The one who never knew”)
III. Ombre de mon Amant (“Shadow of my lover”)

Chelsie Propst, soprano
Alyssa Anderson, mezzo-soprano
Nick Chalmers, tenor
Andrew Kane, baritone
Miriam Scholz-Carlson and Lindsey Bordner, violins
Maryne Mossey, viola da gamba
Michael Thomas Asmus, harpsichord


La Grande Bande’s Season At Home is made possible by a grant from the Carl & Verna Schmidt Foundation and by the generous Regular and Sustaining Contributions from you. Thank you for your continued support!


Event image: Jan Miense Molenaer, Self-portrait with family members (1635). Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem, Netherlands, on loan from Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands


Oct 30 2020


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