Concert VII: Holy Week in France [Sustainer Early Access]

Celebrated in almost every Christian denomination throughout the world, the Tenebrae Office, so called because of the continuous extinguishing of candles, was one of the most powerful moments of devotion for Christians across millenia. In this meditative and moving program, La Grande Bande explores the exquisite music use in France in the mid-1600s. With a mixture of instrumental and vocal music, Gregorian chants, and readings from the Liturgy, we will explore what such a service may have been like over 350 years ago. English translations of all sung texts will be projected for this performance.

Charpentier, 1er Leçon de ténèbres, H. 105
Charpentier, 2de Leçon de ténèbres, H. 140
Lambert, 3me Leçon de ténèbres
Plainchants from the Triduum liturgies
Readings from the Triduum liturgies

Chelsie Propst, soprano
Alyssa Anderson, mezzo-soprano
Nick Chalmers, tenor
Miriam Scholz-Carlson and Theresa Elliott, violins
Julie Elhard and Henry Beimers, viols
Maryne Mossey, viola da gamba
Michael Thomas Asmus, harpsichord


La Grande Bande’s Spring 2021 Season is made possible by a grant from the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council and by the generous Regular and Sustaining Contributions from you. Thank you for your continued support!


Event image: Charles Le Brun, The Descent from the Cross (c. 1642-1645). Victoria and Albert  Museum, London.


Mar 27 2021


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