Pre-concert talk + Performance

Episode 10:
21 May 2021

We explore music for viol consort written during the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I 

YouTube Premier @ 7:30 on Apr 3

Episode 10:
3 April 2021

We explore stunning music for Holy Week in France by Charpentier and Lambert

Pre-concert talk + Performance

Episode 9:
12 February 2021

We perform selections of early Italian music by the Giulio, Francesca, and Settimia Caccini 


Episode 8:
11 December 2020

Our Music & Artistic Director performs four great selections of German solo harpsichord music


Episode 7:
27 November 2020

There’s nothing like a superb viola solo! Locatelli’s Concerto Grosso delivers as promised.


Episode 6:
13 November 2020

Rare, unperformed cantatillas by Louis Antoine Lefebvre are just what we needed. 


Episode 5:
30 October 2020

Airs de cour are some of the best repertoire to come out of France. Lambert’s Airs are gorgeous!


Episode 4:
16 October 2020

A lovely concerto grosso by William Boyce is sure to brighten your spirits 


Episode 3:
2 October 2020

Handel’s Trio Sonata in C for violins and continuo is an oldie and a goodie. You’ll love this!


Episode 2:
18 September 2020

s@H continues with a short, quirky early Italian sonata by the unknown Giuseppe Valentini


Episode 1:
4 September 2020

The season@HOME kicks off with a pair of recorder sonatas by Handel and Telemann