Programming Designed to Benefit the Community. An Organization that’s Driven by its Contributors.


How can you help?

Like all non-profits, La Grande Bande relies heavily on contributions to operate. Funding from grant making organizations like the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council, makes up about 50% of our budget. That means that over half of our budget comes from individuals and businesses just like you!


What makes La Grande Bande different?

You can actually see your dollars work.

Whether its La Grande Bande’s

  • educational & outreach programming

  • program booklets, or

  • the artists you see perform

Your contribution is visible everywhere you look.

Not to mention, that your name appears in the program booklet after you make a contribution! (That’s just one of the many perks you could receive.)

Want to find out more about the benefits of contributing? Keep reading!

La Grande Bande Is Community Driven.

An organization can only be as good as its community. And, La Grande Bande is great because its community is great.

With its rich and unique musical  programming, La Grande Bande continues to provide its audiences with “Masterworks. Unknown works. An Unforgettable Experience.”

But, La Grande Bande’s work doesn’t end after a performance. It begins there.

We bring our work…

  • into the classroom: teaching and inspiring the next generation of musicians and listeners—even if they don’t realize it.

  • into assisted living centers: sharing the healing powers of music and sharing memories with residents

  • into the open: opening our rehearsals so the community can see how we work


Rural Arts Programming Is Worth It.

It’s difficult being an arts organization in a rural area. Most funding is targeted towards large metropolitan areas.

Some grants require specific businesses to be in town. Many of which are not located in rural areas.

La Grande Band believes that rural arts programming is worth every penny.

Each part of what La Grande Bande does is designed to change the lives of everyone who attends:

  • Sharing incredible music with the community enriches the lives of those who live here

  • Providing one-of-a-kind learning opportunities for local high school students with our masterclass program

  • Allowing open attendance for rehearsals gives a glimpse into the world of professional music making


You have real impact.

Your contribution doesn’t just affect our programming. You can affect the lives of those who attend our programming.

A participant of our Sibley East Education Project, who will attend undergrad this fall, recently changed her focus from medicine to music.

Countless concert attendees remarked that our A Baroque Banquet concert was “excellent!” One also said that they “had never heard music like this before.”

This just a small sample of the things your contribution can do.


Hear us perform

Never heard us live?

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Donation? Contribution?

By dictionary definition they mean the same thing: “a gift.” For us, they couldn’t be more different.

What’s the difference?

When you contribute to La Grande Bande you become a part of who we are. You’re not just another donor ID number.

We value every dollar, every in-kind contribution of services, every minute of volunteering.

The truth is: We can’t do any of this without you.