The 24/25 Concert Season

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Italian Fire (September 2024)

Regular Season Concert 1

7:30 | Friday, September 27 | First Lutheran Church, St Peter
7:30 | Saturday, September 28 | Olivet Congregational Church, St Paul

An explosion of fiery passions, virtuosity, and inspiration

La Grande Bande opens the 24/25 Season­, and our celebration of George Friderich Handel’s 340th birthday, with a program of virtuosic music from early Italy. Handel’s time in Italy, studying and performing with many of the leading composers and musicians of the day, was crucial to forming his career and his musical voice.

This program will illustrate the evolution of the “Italian style” from its earliest contrapuntal origins in the Renaissance to the high-Baroque sonatas of Corelli and Handel himself. Internationally-acclaimed violinist Chloe Prendergast, crowd-favorite Allen Hamrick (dulcian), and La Grande Bande’s continuo band will open the Sixth Season with an explosion of virtiosity an Italian passion.

Handel's Water Musicks (November 2024)

Regular Season Concert 2

7:30 | Thursday, November 14 | Immanuel Lutheran Church, Gaylord
7:30 | Friday, November 15 | Annunciation Catholic Church, Minneapolis

A musical celebration of the Thames and Tiber

Two of the most important cities in Handel’s lifetime were the English and Italian capitals of London and Rome: in Rome, Handel planted seeds for a successful career as an operatic composer; in London, his career blossomed to its fullest potential both at the English court and in the English opera houses.

Set on the shores of the River Tiber, Handel’s cantata O come chiare e belle stars an ancient River Tiber coaxed by the shepherd Olinto and goddess Gloria, to reinvigorate itself in a new era. Handel’s famous Water Music Suites were composed in 1717 to accompany King George I on an evening journey on the River Thames from Whitehall to Chelsea.

A French Baroque Christmas (December 2024)

Holiday Concert

7:30 | Thursday, December 5 | First Lutheran Church, St Peter
7:30 | Saturday, December 7 | Church of St Louis, King of France, St Paul

A Christmas tradition centuries in the making

Experience the beauty and joy of the Christmas season with a selection of works written for Christmas by Marc-Antoine Charpentier. The concert centers on Charpentier’s Pastorale sur la Naissance (“Pastoral on the birth of Christ”), one of the most captivating and imaginative examples of sacred French-language Baroque drama. Charpentier’s In nativitatem explores the experience the shepherds might have that fateful day.

From shepherds and recorders to famous French noëls you can sing with us, you’ll be part of the newest Christmas tradition in the region.

The English Songbook (February 2025)

Regular Season Concert 3

7:30 | Thursday, February 6 | First Lutheran Church, Winthrop
7:30 | Friday, February 7 | Olivet Congregational Church, St Paul

Experiencing Renaissance & Baroque England through song

Few musical genres are more synonymous with England that the songs written by Henry Purcell, John Blow, William Byrd, and John Dowland. These four composers created a cultural framework from which opera would later spring. In this program, we will explore England’s musical tradition of the song (which began in England long before George Friderich Handel’s arrival to the island in 1712) with selections from some of England’s most famous composers.

Counter-tenor Michael Skarke will make his La Grande Bande debut alongside La Grande Bande regulars, mezzo-soprano Alyssa Anderson, cellist Maryne Mossey and harpsichordist Michael Thomas Asmus.

Supper & Songs (March 2025)

Regular Season Concert 4

7:00 | Thursday, March 27 | Arlington Haus Too, Arlington
7:00 | Friday, March 28 | Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis

A night full of food, friends, and entertainment

The celebration of Handel’s 350th birthday continues with La Grande Bande’s much beloved “Dine Out” series of casual concert performances. On the menu is Bach’s famous comic cantata about coffee and a rarely-heard cantata by Handel celebrating us musicians’ favorite patron saint and muse, Saint Cecilia.

Rounding out the musical feast are instrumental works by Arcangelo Corelli and Georg Philipp Telemann, two colleagues and friends of Handel’s. Be sure to plan and join us for delicious food, incredible music, and one of our favorite evenings of the Season.

Music from New Spain (May 2025)

Reprise Concert

7:30 | Friday, May 23 | Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, La Crosse
7:30 | Saturday, May 24 | Annunciation Catholic Church, Minneapolis

Relive the musical glory of 17th-Century México

The choir at the Cathedral in Puebla, México was one of the best in North America in the 1600s. The Cathedral itself is a beautiful testament to Bishop Palafax y Mendoza’s vision of completion and restoration. After the bishop’s arrival in 1640, the much-delayed building project resumed. The Cathedral was completed finished in 1690. This program is centered around music written for the Cathedral’s consecration on April 18, 1649.

Join us as we celebrate the music of Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla, the Cathedral’s famed music director from 1628 to 1664. His music played a key role in the Cathedral’s consecration in 1649.

* Please note the change in venue for this event.

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