The Early Symphony

Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is perhaps some of the best loved in all of classical music. His operas and symphonies are used as backing tracks in commercials and other media. It’s also Mozart’s music which forms the basis of what we think of as  classical music. But Franz Josef Haydn is credited with creating the symphony and establishing it as a permanent musical genre. Before there was Beethoven or Mahler, there was Haydn and Mozart.

La Grande Bande is thrilled to present a concert featuring music by Mozart, Franz Josef Haydn, and Gaetano Brunetti performed on period instruments. In addition to our usual number of string players, La Grande Bande will once again have historical oboists and bassoonists joining our ensemble. We’re equally thrilled to have, for the first time in our history, musicians who play antique valve-less French (“natural”) horns. An opera overture, three symphonies and a quintet for horn, violin, violas, and cello will round out this unique and rare musical experience.

Pre-concert talk begins at 6:30.


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Nov 19 2021


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Sibley East Auditorium
202 Third Ave NW, Arlington, MN 55307