Free Preview: Romantic Quartets @ Gaylord Public Library

Join us as we present a casual preview performance of our concert “Romantic Quartets.” We’ll offer some musical selections from our concert, talk about the composers, interesting tidbits about musical history, and give you the details about why we play using gut strings.

Tickets are not required for this activity.

Concert Description:
Nothing is more synonymous with chamber music than the string quartet. Once used as a compositional training tool for young composers in the classical era, the string quartet became an avenue in which composers of all ages could experiment with new techniques or show off their musical achievements. From Mozart, to Haydn, to Elgar, composers across generations and countries found themselves a home in the genre famous for its pair of violins, viola, and violoncello serenading both players and listeners.

In this concert, La Grande Bande’s quartet of string players will perform selections by Austrian composer Josef Haydn, Italian-born and Spanish-employed Gaetano Brunetti, and English composer Sir Hubert Parry. Join us for an exciting and intimate evening of quartets written between 1774 (Brunetti) and 1878 (Parry) in two beautiful and historic venues.


Nov 10 2022


12:10 pm - 12:40 pm


Gaylord Public Library
428 Main Ave, Gaylord, MN 55334