Free Preview: A King’s Entertainments @ Gaylord Public Library

Join us as we present a casual preview performance of our concert “A King’s Entertainments.” We’ll offer some musical selections from our concert, talk about the composers, interesting tidbits about musical history, and give you the details about why we play using gut strings.

Tickets are not required for this activity.

Concert Description:

“A night of music fit for a king”

La Grande Bande’s 5th Anniversary Season, and our “French Baroque season,” begins with a wonderful selection of French Baroque music for violins. Join us for a look back at La Grande Bande’s very first regular season concert from September 2019.

Among the composers on the program is Jean-François Dandrieu, a composer and organist lauded by his contemporaries. After his death, his music fell into obscurity. Combining an Italianate compositional style with French flavor, Dandrieu’s trio sonata is sure to remind you of Corelli and Handel.

La Grande Bande is pleased to be joined by our newest member, the Netherlands-based and American violinist Chloe Prendergast.


Sep 21 2023


12:00 pm - 12:45 pm


Gaylord Public Library
428 Main Ave, Gaylord, MN 55334