La Grande Bande concludes ’22-’23 Season with “Dine Out” event in Mankato

GAYLORD, MN, MAY 1, 2022 — La Grande Bande’s third complete season concludes this month with activities on Friday, May 20. The fourth and final season performance, entitled Court Entertainments, will take place in Mankato at the restaurant Swiss & Madison (920 Madison Ave). The May 20 concert continues La Grande Bande’s so-called “Dine Out” […]

La Grande Bande Presents February 25 Concert in New Ulm

GAYLORD, MN, FEBRUARY 1, 2022 — La Grande Bande’s third complete season continues this month with activities on Friday, February 25. The third season performance entitled Music from New Spain, will take place in New Ulm at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. Originally intended to be performed during LGB’s 2020-2021 season, Music from New […]

The 2021-2022 Season Continues with Mozart, Haydn Concert

GAYLORD, MN, NOVEMBER 1, 2021 — La Grande Bande’s third complete season continues this month with activities on Friday, November 19. The second season performance entitled The Early Symphony, will take place in Arlington at the Sibley East High School Auditorium. “This concert will be like nothing anyone here has heard, especially because of the […]

La Grande Bande Begins Its Sibley County Concert Season

GAYLORD, MN, SEPTEMBER 2, 2021 — La Grande Bande (LGB) is happy to announce its return to live, in-person performances in its hometown. The first performance of the 2021-2022 Season, entitled The Virtuosos, will take place at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Gaylord on Friday, September 17. The performance will include two Brandenburg Concertos by Johann […]

La Grande Bande announces 2021-2022 season, return to live events

Today, La Grande Bande (LGB) announces its 2021–2022 season – the 3rd concert season for the organization. Led by LGB musicians and its music & artistic director, the 2021–2022 season features four performances at four venues throughout south-central Minnesota. Four full-length concert performances from September to May For over 300 days, La Grande Bande has […]

La Grande Bande Seeks Applicants

La Grande Bande is accepting applications to fill four positions within the ensemble. Two positions for historical oboe and two positions for natural horn. The selected players will join us for a concert in late-November or early-December 2021. (This performance will be at A = 430.) Any future performances will be on an as-needed basis. […]

La Grande Bande Receives Minnesota State Arts Board Grant

April 19, 2021 • GAYLORD, MN — La Grande Bande is pleased to announce that it has received a $15,000 grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. The funds will be used to help support its upcoming 2021-2022 Season which will be announced in a few weeks. “We are thrilled to have received this financial […]

#LiveFromHome a review

It’s been over two months since La Grande Bande launched the #LiveFromHome series. We’ve had so much fun getting everything together! The summer has flown by, even quicker than I imagined it would. And, as you can tell with the almost two-month gap in my writings, things have been pretty insane. By June 30 we […]

The Fall Season Goes Virtual

The “Season At Home” Series begins September 4 With so much uncertainty surrounding the future developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board has determined that La Grande Bande’s best course of action is to cancel its planned Fall 2020 Concert Season. It is our sincere hope that we will be able to resume our programming […]

Launching: #LiveFromHome2020

One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic is how live entertainment organizations, like La Grande Bande, overcomes the limits on large gatherings. Unfortunately, it’s becoming pretty obvious now that live performances may not return at all in the next year. And even if they do, how will the format of […]