Treasures from Baroque Malta (2017)


Preserved for centuries within the Cathedral archives at Malta’s ancient city of Mdina,17th-century vocal music rooted in the Mediterranean island’s Italian-colonial heritage is now reborn. Both Venetian and Roman styles are featured here in this rich and colorful array of sacred works for 1-8 voice parts, violins, and basso continuo, as well as a Maltese-language choral work by American composer, Timothy Takach.

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Responsorii Pastorale in Nocte Nativitatis ACM Mus. Ms 196 (Anon., 17th-c. Malta)

1. Hodie nobis caelorum Rex 4:21
2. Hodie nobis de caelo 2:00
3. Quem vidistis pastores 2:32
4. O magnum mysterium 2:11
5. Beata dei genetrix, Maria 1:56
6. Sancta et immaculata virginitas 2:16
7. Beata viscera Mariae Virginis 2:49
8. Verbum caro factor est 2:38

9. Jesu redemptor omnium ACM Mus. Ms 206 (Anon., 17th-c. Malta) 4:05
10. Kyrie & Gloria from Messa pastorale (a 6 voci con sinfonia) ACM Mus. Ms 123 (Anon., 17th-c. Malta) 7:56
11. Lectio 1A in Nativitate Domini, Pº Nocturno “Primo tempore” (solo di tenore) ACM Mus. Ms 197 (Anon., 17th-c. Malta) 4:25
12. Magnificat ACM Mus. Ms 133 (Anon., 17th-c. Malta) 7:41
13. Lectio 2A in Nativitate Domini, Pº Nocturno “Consolamini popule” (solo di soprano) ACM Mus. Ms 197 (Anon., 17th-c. Malta) 5:25
14. Primae Vesperae in Nativitate DNJC ACM Mus. Ms 213A (Anon., 17th-c.? Malta) 7:18
15. Lectio 3A in Nativitate Domini, Pº Nocturno “Consurge” (solo di alto) ACM Mus. Ms 197 (Anon., 17th-c. Malta) 4:25
16. Eia Pastores (pastorale a 5 voci) ACM Mus. Ms 166 (Anon., 17th-c. Malta) 4:31
17. Dormi, dormi, o gran bambino Attr. Don Giuseppe Balzana (1616-1700) 5:06
18. Il-presepju tal-milied Timothy C. Takach (b. 1978) 4:57

Total Program Length: 76:42


“The excellent American Rose Ensemble under the direction of Jordan Sramek provide simply radiant performances of this long-neglected repertoire, with superb vocalists singing equally effectively as soloists and in consort, while ably supported by a small but beautifully effective instrumental ensemble. …superlative performances of richly rewarding music…”

— D. James Ross, Early Music Review, 8 January 2019

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