Covid-19 Policy

Current as of August 29, 2021

As you all are aware, it seems that we are continuing to face the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past few weeks, we have received multiple questions regarding LGB’s covid policy for the coming season. 

We do not take any of these decisions lightly. For the past few months I have been glued to my phone to take in as much information as possible. I will continue to do so as we move closer towards the start of the season in September. As things continue to shift the board and I will make adjustments as required. Any adjustments will be posted here as soon as is humanly possible. 

Please also understand that there are an enormous number of factors that we have taken into account when creating this policy. Some of which are obvious, like the size of the venues and the distance the musicians will be from the audience. Others are not so obvious. 

The board met in early-August and would like to establish the following policies for the musicians and the audience. The following polices will be in effect as of August 18, 2021. By attending a La Grande Bande performance, you are voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to covid-19.

Vaccination against covid-19 is not required, although it is encouraged by the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health 

  • We will not require anyone to tell us their vaccination status or give us any documentation of their vaccination status
  • As all of La Grande Bande’s musicians are classified as independent contractors, we believe we do not have any legal authority or rights to require anyone to receive or provide proof of vaccinations of any kind

At this time mask wearing is not required of audiences or musicians, although it is encouraged by the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health 

  • If a singer has elected to wear a mask, they will be unmasked when actively performing and rehearsing
  • If any of our venues require masks for entry, we must wear them
  • For ease of communication during rehearsals and performances, Michael will not wear a mask
    • He will be tested before each day begins

Testing for covid-19 before and/or after a rehearsal or a performance is voluntary

  • If musicians do choose to get tested before any our LGB’s events, you are required to have a sub who will be available and prepared to replace you for all your assigned events should you test positive 
  • If musicians do choose to get tested, please in form us of your results via email only if they are positive
  • These policies ensure we are able to continue our programming as much as is possible 

All musicians and audience members will be required to complete a health screening questionnaire

  • For musicians, the form must be completed at least 8 hours before any event, not to exceed 24 hours before any event
  • For audience members, a verbal screening must be completed before entry
  • We should do our best to distance while still being able to communicate and hear each other as we create our artform
  • The audience will be seated at least 6 feet from any musician
  • The audience will be socially distanced in venues as much as is possible
    • The venues for the first three concerts will easily allow this

We will place 4 air purifiers around each venue

  • Each purifier is capable of cleaning 2,500 sq ft in 30 minutes. 
  • 2 purifiers will be located near the musicians, 2 will be placed amidst the audience. You can read more about them here